Ultimate Assorted Cupcake Box – 12 Flavors


Explore our Ultimate Assorted Cupcake Box featuring 12 unique flavors from classic to creative, including Red Velvet, Oreo, and specialty Mermaid and Unicorn cupcakes. Perfect for gifts or treating yourself!


Dive into a world of delightful flavors with our Ultimate Assorted Cupcake Box! This box features a curated selection of 12 different cupcakes, each representing the best of our bakery’s offerings. Enjoy the classic tastes of Vanilla and Chocolate, the rich blend of Chocolate and Vanilla, zesty Lemon, crunchy Oreo, smooth Salted Caramel, moist Carrot, indulgent Bueno, velvety Red Velvet, our special Strawberry Cheesecake, Mermaid, and Unicorn cupcakes. Each cupcake is crafted with the finest ingredients and designed to offer a unique taste experience.

TIP – If you are looking for a personalized touch? Opt for our DIY box where you can choose your favorite flavors to create a custom mix perfect for your palate or as a thoughtful gift.

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Ultimate Assorted Cupcake Box with 12 different flavors

Ultimate Assorted Cupcake Box - 12 Flavors

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