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First choice – tiered wedding cake, cupcake tower, sweet table….

Whether you want a traditional tiered (wedding) cake, a cupcake tower (with a top cake), a macaron tower, a table full of mini desserts or any combination of the above you can rely on us to create a spectacular centrepiece for your celebration.

What styles of wedding cake do you have?  

We have 4 styles of cake: classic (this is an elegant fondant covered cake with the option of a satin or fondant ribbon); rose dream (this is a cake which is covered in piped roses); bohemian semi-naked (although the cake is covered in buttercream because the layer is thin the cake itself is also semi visible); spring/tulips (this style of cake is either half or fully decorated with piped buttercream tulips).  It is possible for you to choose a combination of  different styles in a multi tier cake – for example bohemian + rose dream + classic top cake. 

What flavours are the cakes?

The most popular 4 flavours for wedding cakes are : red velvet, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Other flavours are also possible. As well as having a different style per tier it is possible to have a different flavour for each tier of your wedding cake. 

Can I taste before ordering?

Yes.  You can book a wedding consultation at our bakery in Rotterdam-Overschie.  We can also post a sample box of 4 flavours to you.  The costs of the wedding cake sample box (including postage) is 9,95. You can order it here. 

What size are the cakes?

All the wedding cakes have 4 layers. The cakes come in 4 sizes – 15 cm, 23 cm 30 cm and 35cm so you can choose a single cake, a multi-tiered cake (or a small cake to top a tower of cupcakes).

What size of cake do I need? 

The portion size will depend on the rest of the program of the wedding for example whether the cake will be a separate moment, part of a sweet table, or  be the sole dessert at a wedding meal.  We suggest the following :

15cm cake : 10 portions (dessert) / 16  (cake moment)   |   23cm cake : 18 portions (dessert) / 30 portions (cake moment)   |   30cm cake :  36 portions (dessert) / 60 (cake moment)   |   35cm cake : 50 portions (dessert) / 80 (cake moment)   |   2 tier cake :  28 portions (dessert) / 46 (cake moment)  |  3 tier cake :   64 portions (dessert) / 106 portions(cake moment)   |   4 tier cake :  114 portions (dessert) / 186 (cake moment)

The tiered cakes contain internal supports that need to be removed before slicing the cakes.  

How much will it cost?

Our 15cm wedding cakes start at 35 euros.  A 4 tier cake will cost approximately 385 euros.

What is the order time?

Please let us know as soon as possible as we get booked up particularly in the popular summer months.  We ask for a definitive order if possible at least one month before the wedding date although if you have a last minute request we can often work to much shorter timeframes. 

What are wedding cupcakes?

Wedding cupcakes are an alternative to a traditional wedding cake and if you are having them instead of a cake can be displayed on a multi-tiered tower. One of the main advantages of having cupcakes instead of a cake is that they are much easier to serve (and every guest gets a beautiful individual cake). You can either choose from one of our range of wedding cupcakes which match the styles of the wedding cakes/and can be decorated with the initials of the couple or order (a mix) of our standard cupcakes.  It is also possible to have a cupcake tower with mini cupcakes or a mixture of mini and standard cupcakes.

What is a sweet table or dessert table?

A sweet table is a table full of a selection of different mini patisserie including macarons, mini cupcakes, cake pops and  brownies.  The wedding cake or a tower of wedding cupcakes is usually the centerpiece with the rest of the sweet table arranged at varying heights.  For a sweet buffet/dessert we recommend 2,5 to 3,5 mini patisserie items per guest. 

How do I place an order?

You can send  an email to with any further questions or to arrange a free wedding consultation in person or by video to discuss your requirements. Alternatively  you can fill in the form below if you would like a no obligation offer. 

Wedding themes


A classic fondant covered cake trimmed with satin ribbon or fondant  ribbon. Optional decoration of fondant roses. Classic cupcakes are decorated with a fondant flower or heart. The heart can include the couple’s initials.

Rose Dream

Our rose dream wedding cake is entirely covered in piped roses.  The rose dream giant cupcake has a fondant side and roses on top. Cupcakes are piped in the same style to resemble a rose.


The cake is left semi-naked to give a rustic look. This style works particularly well when decorated with fresh flowers. Cupcakes are piped with ruffles to match the bohemian style of the cake.


Let’s talk tulips. Options include a cake completely or half covered in piped tulips and a giant cupcake with fondant side and large fondant bow with tulips on top. The cupcakes are also covered in tulips with a few leaves in between to look like a spring garden


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