Custom Number Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake


Make your next celebration a hit with our custom Number Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake, featuring 24 mini cupcakes arranged in any number you desire. Perfect for easy serving and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!


Celebrate milestones and special occasions with our Number Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake! Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations of all kinds, this cake is composed of 24 delicious mini cupcakes arranged to form any number you choose. Each cupcake is expertly baked and frosted to create a seamless and stunning display that easily pulls apart for serving. Enjoy the convenience and charm of a cake that’s as fun to dismantle as it is to eat. Choose from vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.

Key Features:

Customizable Number Shape: Perfect for celebrating any age or significant number.
24 Mini Cupcakes: Enough to delight a crowd, with each piece easily serving a guest.
Easy to Serve: No cutting needed, just pull apart and enjoy!
Visually Stunning: A creative and photogenic centerpiece for your celebration.

Additional information


0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


vanilla mini cupcakes, chocolate mini cupcakes, mix of vanilla and chocolate mini cupcakes


White and pink with butterflies, mermaid (pink/purple/blue)

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Custom Number Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake made of 24 mini cupcakes.

Custom Number Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake

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