Rose Dream Layer Cake


Experience elegance with our Romantic 3-Layer Rose Dream Layer Cake, available in Vanilla & Strawberry or Red Velvet, adorned with exquisite roses in your choice of color. Perfect for special celebrations.


Our Romantic 3-Layer Rose Dream Layer Cake is a celebration of love and elegance, perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions. Available in delectable Vanilla & Strawberry or rich Red Velvet flavors, this cake is artfully covered in intricately piped buttercream roses, offered in colors that suit any theme: pristine White, delicate Pink, or a stunning Ombre from dark pink to white.

Key Features:
Flavors: Choose between the fruity freshness of Vanilla & Strawberry or the deep richness of Red Velvet.
Decorations: Elegantly covered with hand-piped buttercream roses.
Color Options: Available in White, Pink, or Ombre (dark pink to white).
15 cm diameter, serves 9-12
23 cm diameter, serves 16-22
30 cm diameter, serves 36-48

Each option is crafted to not only taste wonderful but also to serve as a visually stunning centerpiece for your event, ensuring that your celebration is as memorable as it is beautiful.

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Romantic 3-layer rose dream layer cake in Vanilla & Strawberry or Red Velvet, available in white, pink, or ombre colors

Rose Dream Layer Cake

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