Logo mini cupcake


Elevate your corporate gatherings with our Logo Mini Cupcakes. Customize cupcakes with your logo, Minimum order of just 12 cupcakes. Perfect for making a memorable impression at any business event!


Make a sweet impression with our Logo Mini Cupcakes, designed to win over your clients and enhance your corporate events. Each mini cupcake is expertly baked and can be customized with your company logo, making them perfect for promotional events, client meetings, or as a delightful part of your corporate gifting strategy. Just provide your logo in PDF or JPEG format, and we’ll ensure your cupcakes feature your branding, exquisitely applied to each treat.

Key Features:

Customization: Personalize your cupcakes with your corporate logo for a unique touch.

Order Details: Minimum order of 12 cupcakes; one logo per 12 cupcakes.

Submission: Email your logo in .pdf or .jpeg format to info@tentothreebakery.com.

Perfect for: Corporate events, client appreciation, promotional gatherings, and employee celebrations.

Mini cupcakes in diverse flavours with a customized corporate fondant logo ideal for corporate events.

Logo mini cupcake

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