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  • 105.00195.00

    Romantic style 3 layer cake with a spectacular tower of macarons on top

    If you require delivery (are not planning on collecting the cake from our bakery in Rotterdam-Overschie) please contact us before placing an order – note that due to the delicate nature of this cake we cannot use our normal delivery service.

    15 cm cake (cake serves 9-12) + tower with approx 42 macarons
    23 cm cake (cake serves 16-22) + tower with approx 68 macarons

  • 40.00125.00

    Cake covered in piped roses.

  • 40.00265.00

    High – 4 layer – cake with a thin layer of frosting on the outside so the cake itself is still visible

    Vanilla cake with a strawberry and cream cheese filling/frosting or Red Velvet

    [Fresh flowers (non-edible) and macarons extra]

    1 | 2| 3 layer

    15 cm, serves 9-12.
    23 cm, serves 16-22
    30 cm, serves 36-48