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Try Something Different Today: Five Tea Time Rituals From Around The World

Consuming tea at different times of the day has been an ancient tradition dating back to China in 27th BC. From the Chinese tradition of boiling leaves in water evolved and emerged countless variations of tea and teatime traditions around the world! 

If you are planning to try something new and spice up your teatime rituals, then here are a few traditions from around the world that you can adopt today! 

Prepare yourself for a quick shopping spree, because by the end of this piece, you will surely be ordering some new tea blends, snacks, and even a new set of dainty teacups! 

The British Isles

The obsession for tea across Europe is mainly credited to the British Isles. Their Earl Grey tea and the afternoon tea traditions are both fascinating to learn and filling to consume! 

The British brew a weak black tea with a hot meal at around 4 PM to enjoy a mid-afternoon snack! It’s such a highly celebrated tradition that even the royalty indulges in it! 

Remember that this is not the same as high tea though! 


Tea is a standard beverage across South Asia, but India’s commitment to its original brews is commendable. Every city, street and alleyway in the country sports an establishment selling steaming hot tea infused with sugar, milk, ginger, and cardamom. 

They consume their ‘Chai’ with hot stuffed pastry called samosas and different types of fritters too! 


The Japanese, too, are pretty serious about their tea! Inspired by Zen Buddhism, the Japanese depend on their traditional and rather elaborate tea ceremonies called Chanoyu. 

The ceremony involves ritualized prep and presentation of Matcha powder. Matcha is made of ground green tea leaves and brewed into a frothy chartreuse tea. 


The concept of mint tea has originated in Morocco! The Moroccans greet everyone with a cup of steaming hot mint tea. But, unfortunately, this concoction gravitates towards being poisonously sweet. 

Prepared by the eldest males in the family, the tea is served from a height for better aeration and wafting the delicious aroma across the room! 

This tea is consumed with traditional tea biscuits and desserts! 


Since the winter is brutal and the vodka is more robust in the Russian land of extremes, it is evident that their teas are potent enough to intoxicate!

The Russians are known for their exquisite Samovars. 

Samovars are traditional urns used in Russia for brewing teas through the double boiler method. It is filled with burning wood and pine cones to boil water while a teapot on the top builds the tea. 

Green and black brews from China are often used to create the luxuriantly sweet and smoky ‘Zavarka’.

This tea is often consumed with fruit preserves and sweet cakes to fight the cold and enjoy endless conversation with loved ones! 

Final Thoughts

Aren’t you craving some steaming tea and finger sandwiches, macarons, or brownies? Because we sure are! 

If you are in the mood to indulge in something unique for tea time this week, then why don’t you order some delicious desserts from Ten To Three Bakery? 

Add a touch of decadence to your tea time with the Brievenbus brownies or cupcakes with a cuppa hot black tea, chai, Zavarka or any other brew that you fancy! The Ten To Three Bakery is here to satisfy all your tea time cravings! So order your favorite stuff today to enjoy a slice of something extra nice today!

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