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Halloween Tales From The Netherlands

Do you know when the Halloween season reaches its full bloom?

For some, it is the creepy decorations lining up on the streets. For others, it is the process of finding the perfect costume.

But for us, the Halloween season starts when the aroma of pumpkin, cinnamon, candies, and warm chocolate begins wafting through the windows! 

The world has experienced an era of challenges during the last 18 months in the form of the pandemic, lockdowns, social distancing regulations, and the general financial strain. 

But this year, we have all the more reason to celebrate and indulge in the Halloween traditions with a sweet twist! 

Here is a quick list of the sweetest things you can do this holiday season to mark the end of October! 

Sweetest Celebrations For The Season

While Halloween traditions revolve around ‘trick or treating’, team Ten To Three Bakery believes that this is the year of ‘treating’ alone! Let’s leave the tricks to the side and share some desserts with the stressed! 

Begin The Get Togethers With Tea

Welcome people in your home with a warm cup of tea as the wind picks up speed and the leaves begin to fall.

Since the social distancing regulations have been removed from the last month, this holiday season is going to be warm and welcoming! You can start the celebrations with high tea too! 

Bring Customized Cupcakes To The Table

If your neighborhood has a pre-planned ‘trick or treating’ event or you have the urge to throw the best Halloween party in town, then Halloween-themed cupcakes are the best way to go! 

Send A Box Of Goodies To The One’s You Love

Are your beloved nieces and nephew on the other side of town? Do you want them to celebrate the festival with you?

Send a box full of brownies and blondies to cheer them up! 

This is a neat trick that always wins hearts and helps you get the best gifts on Christmas!

Order A Box Full Of Chocolate Goodness To End The Day

Have you decided to stay indoors this Halloween?

Will be spending Halloween day in hermit mode to recharge your social batteries? 

If this is your plan for the day, then Ten To Three has got you covered! 

Celebrate the spirit of adulthood, good health, and me-time with one of our exclusive gift boxes. From decadent mini cupcakes to mouth-watering macarons. Each gift box presents a selection of ambrosia that melts in the mouth and leaves you wanting more! 

And isn’t that the best way to celebrate the joys of living?

Final Takeaway

Everyone celebrates Halloween differently in the Netherlands. Some neighborhoods go all out with decorations and ‘trick or treating’, while the rest remain wrapped up in sophisticated garbs with no candies and no craziness! 

Whether you celebrate the festival or not, there is no harm in getting some desserts to lighten the mood and celebrate the arrival of winter and better days to come! 

Go visit Ten To Three Bakery right now to satisfy your dessert cravings right away! 

Be quick to check out, because the stocks last for a limited time! 

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